Previously, due to health reasons, I stayed at home for about 5 years and rarely went out. Because of my treatment, I had to record a lot of treatment data and medication every day. Fortunately, my wife took care of most of the work, and in the blink of an eye, I had several notebooks.

After several surgeries and treatments, I have mostly recovered, but I still have to record a lot of physical indicators and various tests and examinations every day because I still have to take medication and have regular checkups for life.

I have also tried to use spreadsheets or other software to assist in recording, but it is not convenient. Trying to find a mobile application that meets the needs, I also did not find the right one.

During this time, the iPhone's health app helped me a lot. With the use of some measurement devices that support automatic data import, things like weight, body temperature, body fat, blood pressure, etc. are automatically imported into the phone to help me organize and analyze them.

However, the type of data that can be entered into the iPhone's health application is fixed, and a lot of my daily data cannot be entered through it.

As my health improved, I began to consider developing my own app that would meet my needs. But after all, I hadn't touched code for more than 10 years, so it took a lot of determination and effort to really start the project. In 2019, Health Notes 1.0 finally hit the App Store.

In 2020, due to the epidemic, I had more time to improve the shortcomings of Health Notes. In Health Notes 2.0, in addition to the improvement of functions and efficiency, better matching for ipad is also as the focus of this upgrade.

I hope you will give me more comments and suggestions.